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The Dark Pig

All the Angry Birds were celebrating their birthday when they heard a crackling sound. It was nighttime so they couldn’t see anything. The noise grew louder and louder. Then, they saw a giant shadow shaped like an enormous pig. Then, the pig jumped on one of the blue birds. The rest of the birds ran as fast as they could. They ran until they came to an open door. They went in and locked the door. The place seemed abandoned. The two other blue birds were scared. They just followed right behind the big brother bird. They found a book that was called “The Dark Pig”. The picture of the pig looked just like the enormous pig they had seen before. Could this be the creator of the pig? Just then, the black bird was happy because he was glad that the monster pig didn’t crush another black bird. If he did, he would have exploded. Then bad thoughts came in his head. Was this a trick like the pigs played on us in the Year of the Dragon? No. This is a real pig. They needed to find the Mighty Eagle and the Mighty Dragon quickly. They had to do it before the pigs killed all of them. They decided they would stay there overnight and start looking in the morning. None of the birds slept that night. Some were even crying. At 6:30, they went to find the Mighty Eagle and the Mighty Dragon. Well, at lest one of them. They knew the pig wouldn’t be spying on them unless he was a fake because one of the sentences in the book said “This pig is nocturnal.” Then, something that brightened their day happened. They saw the blue bird sitting on a tree. The birds were confused. They knew he was real. But how did he survive being crushed by a two-ton pig? The bird seemed okay but he did not talk. He didn’t even make a sound. They even yelled at him but he just showed sign language that they didn’t understand. Was he so scared that night that he lost his voice? They kept walking with strange thoughts in their head. The blue birds wanted to celebrate. The Boomerang Bird’s answer was “Not until we defeat this cruel pig.” “Do you still have Mighty’s tracking device?” asked the red bird. “Good idea” said the orange bird. When they got out the device, it was in California. All the birds were confused. How did Mighty get there in less than twelve hours? They went to the train station. They saw a train that said “To California”. Since they didn’t have any money, they slipped into a crack and they hid in the last seat. It took ten minutes until the train took off. When they got there, they waited for everyone to leave until they left. They had to steal to survive. They found a hidden hotel room in a hotel. There was nobody in it. This was the most beautiful house they had ever seen. Nobody knew about it but the builders and them. The builders must have been spies. They checked the tracking device. Mighty was only twenty miles away from them. They managed to sneak onto another train. After twenty miles, they saw the Mighty Dragon and the Mighty Eagle sleeping in the open. They jumped off the train and woke up the Mighties. The orange bird yelled “We need your help. “ An enormous pig is trying to kill us. “Follow us onto the next train going north. The Mighties were confused but they followed the birds into the hole on the next train. About halfway through, they heard the brakes. Everyone looked through the window. The Mighties now understood what the orange bird was yelling about. The pig picked up the train and threw it at a shop. A fire started and the birds ran away. The pig followed but lost them. They went into a hotel. They saw the pig run past it. Then, Mighty Eagle ran out of the building and launched himself at the pig. Almost nothing happened. The pig just got a black eye. He turned around and glared at Mighty Eagle. Then, he wandered off. It was a good thing that the birds kept the book. The last sentences said “I fear him more than the world ending.” “He is impossible to kill.” On the very last page, they found a location. It said Austin, Texas. They had to go to the airport because they had to get to Austin, Texas. When they went outside again, they saw a fire truck. The building was about to fall over. They headed off to the airport. When they got there, they hopped onto a plane that was going to Texas. It was a riot. They were outside the plane when they were riding. Then, the red bird slipped off. The yellow bird went after him. “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” the other birds shrieked. After they fell about 2,000 feet, they couldn’t see them anymore. The plane landed an hour later. When they got off, they found the pig. “OK, all we need to do is hit the pig till it’s gone. All of them sling shot themselves and on the first try, the pig was gone. They all were happy. They just needed to find the other birds and find the designer of the pig.

The next book will be about them saving the other birds.


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I created Magma Football as a news site for the NFL, and I plan to make it into a lot more later.


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