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Mighty Eagle Walkthroughs

Mighty Eagle

You must practice a little to figure out how Mighty Eagles work. If you want to buy Mighty Eagle, click on the Eagle eye on the play screen and you will be able to purchase him. He only costs a dollar. Then you will need a little practice. For practice, go to a level that you have already finished. Then, click on the eye in the top left corner and launch the sardine, which is the thing in the slingshot at where you want the Mighty Eagle to go.  Then the Mighty Eagle will come in and destroy everything in its path. Don’t be frustrated if you don’t get what you wanted the first time. Just practice some more. Once you think you are ready for the next step, you should go on. Now find a level that you can’t get through and use the Mighty Eagle in that. Here is a thing some people think when they didn’t get all the pigs. “Oh no! Not all the pigs were destroyed!” You may not destroy all the pigs but don’t be sad. The pigs jump up and get destroyed once the Mighty Eagle is gone. Now some of you will think “Yay! I’ll try him on another level I can’t get through!” But when you try to click him, a timer comes up! It means that whatever time is shown on the clock, that’s how much time before you can use the Mighty Eagle again! He can only be used once an hour. But here’s the cool part, you can use him on any level you have finished however much you want unlimited times, and not have to wait an hour each time.


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