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The Dark Pig Part 2

But then they heard a laughing sound. They saw a shadow but it was hard to see it because of the darkness. Then, stepping out from behind a tree, the Dark Pig spoke “You think you could kill me like that?” They roaring sound of his laughter finally stopped. “You’ll never escape now” he said. But at that moment, the yellow bird and red bird came in and tripped the Dark Pig with rope and they had knocked out the Dark Pig. Just then, the Ice Bird appeared! This was the only the second time they saw him. The birds were happy that all they were now all together. They decided to lock the pig up in a big and strong jail cell. Just then, police came rushing in and all tried hard to push the Dark Pig into a big truck. It worked, and the pig was in jail.

The end!


About Angrybirdarmy

I created Magma Football as a news site for the NFL, and I plan to make it into a lot more later.


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