Is this a Fake?

Anyone who has seen this image, please tell us where you found it because this image is unknown. It is probably not a fake but we need to know for sure because it could be an in-progress virus game. It may be just fan art. Maybe just a picture from DevionArt. But don’t worry right now if you think it is a virus. It isn’t yet if someone is planning to make a fake version. But you still should be really careful downloading Angry Birds Space. There is a virus game of Angry Birds Space so please check closely to see if it is real or fake?

Which bird is this and why is it half cut off? Is it fan art or is it real?


About Angrybirdarmy

I created Magma Football as a news site for the NFL, and I plan to make it into a lot more later.

2 comments on “Is this a Fake?

  1. Iits real ^ brown bird.


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