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11 Likely Ideas For Next Angry Birds Game

Who knows what Rovio is thinking of next??? They’re always creative. Just a quick post on what in the world they might make their next game be. By April 10th, I will probably expand the list to 50.

1. Angry Pigs- In the whole game, you play as pigs, hitting birds. The birds have stolen the king’s crown and the kings want it back, and that is how it all started.

2. Bad Birds- Just like Bad Piggies, but this time the birds have gone crazy with the inventions.

3. Angry Birds Rio 2- Based off of the new movie Rio 2, using the same conflict as the movie.

4. Angry Birds Underground- Underground version of Angry Birds, they’ve made them in Space and at ground level, why not underground? The only underground episode i’ve heard of is Mine and Dine.

5. Angry Birds Minecraft- 2 super popular games, they should join forced and make 1 even more super popular game. Not sure how it would be set up, but if they have a Star Wars version, they should have a Minecraft version!

6. Angry Birds Planes- Maybe inspired by the Movie planes, maybe not. They’ve made Angry Birds Go, should be just a matter of time before they make an Angry Birds Go in the air.

7. Pigs vs. Birds- Just like Plants vs. Zombies, but you have to place slingshots around the terrain and buy ammo to stop the bad piggies from stealing em eggs.

8.  Birds and Pigs- For once in life, pigs and birds join forces to work together to defeat an even worse monster, the cow.

9.  Dark Pigs- The pigs turn even more evil and are out to kill instead of just stealing eggs.

10.  Piggying Around- Do whatever you want! Like Minecraft! All you do is piggy around all day and have fun!

11. Angry Birds Beach- Same idea as Surf and Turf, but a new enemy comes this time, sharks.

Thanks for reading! By April 10, i will probably have 25 or 50 total ideas up.



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