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Poached Eggs Theme 1 Walkthrough Through All Levels

Here’s a step by step walkthrough for every level in the first theme of Poached Eggs.

Level 1-Simply aim the red bird at the pig and you should have it done with the first bird!

Level 2- Hit the stone the pig in the front is standing on. If you can’t knock them all down on the first try, then simply hit the pig or pigs you missed and always hit the nearest one first.

Level 3- Hit the wooden ball. The red bird you shot should come out and hit all the pigs.

Level 4- Hit the glass that’s nearest to you, if it can’t knock the pig down, use the next shot to hit the stone and knock it down on the pig.

Level 5- Hit the glass that’s holding the 3 small pigs up. The rock should come down on all the pigs.

Level 6- Hit the top pig first. The wood and glass may or may not come down to hit the bottom pig. If not, simply destroy the other pig.

Level 7- Hit the bottom wood platforms that the middle pig is standing on. It should shake off all the pigs.

Level 8- Hit the rocks at top first. They will come down on the pigs on the right side, and they may knock down the wall on the left side to hit down the other pigs.

Level 9- Hit the front pig as hard as you can. Depending where you hit it, it may knock down the rest of the pigs.

Level 10- Hit the glass that’s on top of the front pig. Hit the stone on the back pig. He will fall down and probably die. If not, hit the front pig and the back pig with the same bird.

Level 11- Hit the stone blocks to the right and left side of the first pig. The tower will most likely collapse and fall on the other pigs.

Level 12- Hit the blue bird straight into the middle of the glass. If any survive, then hit the remaining pigs. Avoid the wood and stone.

Level 13- Hit the highest glass blocks. Then hit the tiny glass blocks by the medium pig, he may be in real injured condition instead of dead though.

Level 14- Hit the glass by the stone rocks. Shoot any remaining pigs, shoot them as low as possible.

Level 15- Simple, hit the front glass first, then the middle, if you still don’t have it then shoot the final pig.

Level 16- First level with Yellow Birds, shoot them hard into the wood. Make sure to use the speeding power, shoot the bottom pigs first.

Level 17- Hit the two pigs at bottom first. The top pig should fly off. Don’t hit the stone directly while doing it this way.

Level 18- No really big walkthrough for this level. What i do is just use one bird to hit each pig, i reccomend staring in the middle.

Level 19- Use the blue bird to clear out the glass. Shoot the Yellow Bird really low.

Level 20- Shoot the bottom wood blocks to set off an avalance to knock down all the other pigs.

Level 21- Use the blue bird to hit the medium pig in front. The earthquake power works pretty good if you want to use it. If not, then use the yellow bird to get the helmet pig.

Hope this helped!


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