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Angry Birds vs. Minecraft

Lots of people play both Angry Birds and Minecraft, so that makes it hard for both Rovio and Mojang, Minecraft was less popular than Angry Birds in 2012 and early 2013 probably because of the other hit games then. Angry Birds has lost some popularity due to everyone basically forgetting the game and switching to Minecraft. This is why most games can only be that popular for so long. It dates back to the days where the only video game was air hockey on a giant computer. Those games are barely heard of anymore. Here’s a chart of the popularity of the games in 2012 and another in 2014. These are according to the statistics on the Minecraft website. The Minecraft only counts PC Edition.           Players                 Rating

2014 Minecraft    14.8 million           4.9

2012 Minecraft           4 million          4.5-4.8

2014 Angry Birds     2.0 billlion       4.9

2012 Angry Birds     1.1 billion         4.9

Might think now Angry Birds is 100 times more popular than Minecraft. Remember, the minecraft one only includes PC Edition. I would say probably 50-100 million people play Minecraft overall. But in Angry Birds, what do you do once you finish all the levels and got 3 stars on all of them. Not much of a challenge then, is it? Then you’d have to wait another month for another episode then finish it in a day then keep waiting for more. I would say well over 50% of Angry Birds players don’t play anymore or less then 3 times a month. This would take the number of  active Angry Birds players to probably 350 million to 600 million. But with Minecraft, there’s no finishing “levels”. In fact, there are no levels, its endless. I would say the number of active Minecraft players would be 35 million to 100 million. But if Minecraft weren’t $6.99 on Pocket Edition and were available on as much devices as Angry Birds, you would see about 20 times more players. Angry Birds is available on almost 100 different devices. Minecraft, less than 10. Both games are really popular but which one do you think will be more popular by 2017? Here’s a poll.



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