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Angry Birds Rio Updated Coming Out with an Episode Based Off of Rio 2

If you read 11 Likely Ideas For Next Angry Birds Game, I was right on one of them. Well, sort of. Out of the 11 ideas, one was Angry Birds Rio 2. But instead of making a game off of it, they made an episode off of it from Angry Birds Rio. And the day before it came out! If you play the update and hate any kind of spoilers, watch out if you are going to watch the movie because it will probably show what happened at the end of the movie after you finished the episode. Beware of spoilers while playing! The new episode’s name is Blossom River.



Image from appadvice.com

Those pesky monkeys are now drifting down the river on boats, so be quick to catch them! The update is 2.1.0 Just remember: Watch out for spoilers in the episode that will give away the movie ending!





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