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How to Get the Golden Egg on Short Fuse 26-15

Many Angry Birders have been having trouble getting the Golden Egg on Short Fuse 26-15 and they know how to do it too. If you are one of them, here’s some help! The regular strategy is to do whatever with the Yellow Bird and Bomb Bird then use the Boomerang Bird to get those carrots or whatever they are underneath the slingshot. But every time for me there was 1 carrot left and I didn’t get the Golden Egg. What I did then was use the Boomerang Bird, and with those other orange things toward the pigs, i had the Boomerang Bird hit one of those and lose some speed, but hit after you already turned him around,  then instead of going over one, he would just roll into all of the orange things. I did this on accident at first but it worked. Visit Angry Birds Nest if you need a video walkthrough cause I can’t find one that did the same strategy. Hope this helped!


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