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Super Special “Sales” Going at the Angry Birds Store

Note: Don’t be afraid, we’re not advertising! Just posting about awesome stuff in the Angry Birds store at the official Angry Birds store.

Not exactly a sale, but whatever you want to call it! The C-3Po White Bird plush toy is pretty rare and the smallest size normally costs $50+, it’s probably one of rarest plush toys there is! For the smallest size, you can get it for $15. With the largest size on ebay sometimes selling literally up to $300, on there it’s $50

Here’s the link to get it. http://shop.angrybirds.com/usa/c-3po-plush-toy If you have a collection of plush toys, this bird would be great for the collection, really stands out.

You can also get many other Angry Birds items for a low price at their store, so if you’re a smart shopper, go to http://shop.angrybirds.com/ to find your merchandise!

Squawk: This is not an advertisement, just a tip!


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