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Really Bad News For Rovio

Today, Rovio announced a 52% drop in their yearly income compared to last year, which  is now just $37 million.

Rovio has sold tens of millions of copies of Angry Birds.

Bad news, piggies.

The struggle to make money came when other game developers, such as King or Supercell are making their money off of in-app purchases instead of the game purchase. Angry Birds does not offer much in-app purchasing, and for most devices, their game alone costs money. Their best way of making money currently is merchandise, like lunchboxes and posters, which make up almost half their income. They plan to stop this mess better by making income from movies, amusement parks (like Thorpe Park) and other stuff, but that will be a while before coming into effect.

We hope Rovio survives this downfall, and we will keep you posted!


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