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Thinking of Angry Birds in a Whole New Way

Sqwauk: This isn’t suppose to include real facts, so don’t get mad at fanon! Some of these facts are made up. These tips are for pigs, not people.

What do you think of Angry Birds as? Just slinging birds at pigs? Well, there’s a new way to think of it! It teaches you lots of life lessons, I will name a few.

  1. It teaches you how not to steal eggs, so you don’t get yourself killed whilr you try it.
  2. If your a foolish piggy, it teaches you how angry the birds can get, like Bomb. He blows up about 12 times a day.
  3. If your a bird, you learn the piggies secrets to stealing eggs.
  4. You learn how to use a slingshot, your in trouble if you don’t know that.

So if your a pig or bird in need of help, try Angry Birds, install it to your habitat for just $2,999!


About Angrybirdarmy

I created Magma Football as a news site for the NFL, and I plan to make it into a lot more later.


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