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Rovio Releasing New Game Inspired By Flappy Bird!

We think this game was made to get more yearly income after their drop.

Rovio earlier announced they were releasing a new game called Retry, which is inspired by Flappy Bird.

If you watch the video, now you know why it’s called Retry!

The game is about avoiding basically everything that you can touch, while performing loop-de-loops and collecting coins.

Currently, no released date has been set for this game, it just says “soon.” But usually this isn’t convincing because they are probably not done with the game and don’t know when they will finish, but that’s just a guess!

If You’re A Flappy Bird Fanatic, Read This!

For those of you that are Flappy Bird Fanatics, there’s good news! Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird has been really annoyed by the threatening messages to him on social media, which those people are mad about Flappy Bird. Rumors are that he said he will bring Flappy Bird back, but don’t always count on rumors!


On many news sites that released an article on this, many people are describing the game as “a premium version of Flappy Bird”. Obviously, it’s way more advanced than Flappy Bird.

Resembling Flappy Bird

It looks nothing like Flappy Bird in the video, but these pictures resemble Flappy Bird! (They are from Retry.)






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