Angry Birds Combined With Flappy Bird

Here’s some pictures of Angry Birds and Flappy Bird combined!     Advertisements

Angry Birds in Real Life?

It seems like even real birds are addicted to Angry Birds, because they have trying to imitate them lately! In the past month, there have been many real life reports of birds going angry, such as the wild turkeys terrorizing motorists. Let’s see, do all of these birds look angry? Yup, they do. Now the […]

Angry Birds In Real Life!!!

Here’s a gallery of some real life Angry Birds!  

Some Foods You Never Thought Could Be Made in Angry Birds Version

Here’s a gallery of some bizarre foods in Angry Birds version. Who knew how creative people can get!    

Fan Art of the Day

Here’s our fan art of the day! It was found at http://examiner.com We don’t know too much about it but it really brings the love of Angry Birds back! It looks like it was made by putting lots of Red Birds together in different patterns. Good job, whoever made this!

Thinking of Angry Birds in a Whole New Way

Sqwauk: This isn’t suppose to include real facts, so don’t get mad at fanon! Some of these facts are made up. These tips are for pigs, not people. What do you think of Angry Birds as? Just slinging birds at pigs? Well, there’s a new way to think of it! It teaches you lots of […]

Best of Angry Birds Fanon Wiki

Here’s the top 10 most epic birds and pigs from Angry Birds Fanon Wiki that i found. 10. Grenade Pig 9. Crazy Pig (Like Crazy Dave) 8. Brick Red Bird 7. Lime Bird 6. Secret Bird 5. Black Bomber Egg Beater 4. Sakura Bird 3. Chocolate Bird 2. Space Pigs 1. Mighty Cotton Candy Monster […]