When Retry Comes Out

Many people want to know when Retry by Rovio comes out. Actually, on May 5th or 6th, Retry was released in Canada, Finland, and Poland already. There is no really official site for Retry besides this, which doesn’t really tell you anything. There is no official released date for Retry, but people connected to Rovio […]

Rovio Releasing New Game Inspired By Flappy Bird!

We think this game was made to get more yearly income after their drop. Rovio earlier announced they were releasing a new game called Retry, which is inspired by Flappy Bird. If you watch the video, now you know why it’s called Retry! The game is about avoiding basically everything that you can touch, while […]

Rovio Developing Pre-K Program

Other than games, another thing Rovio wants is to making learning fun. You know usual school, right? Boring work 3/4 the day, and the other 1/4 is made up of lunch and a 5 minute recess. The Plan Rovio plans to make a childhood program called Angry Birds Playground designed for children 3-6. It is […]

Awesome Angry Birds Space Update Coming June 5th!

This awesome new update for Angry Birds Space, coming June 5th is to celebrate Space Day with NASA! The update has it’s own name, it’s Space Beak Impact. Not too much is known at this point but rumors are that there’s 3 eyed pigs and new birds.

Awesome Fan-made Angry Birds Pokemon Trailer

Somebody released a trailer for Angry Birds Pokemon a few days ago. It looked so real that people thought it would be real. Even Rovio had to admit it looked pretty epic and it might be something they make in the future. This video was made by someone named Adrian Jensen and it features all […]

A Glimpse at Angry Birds Epic

Here’s a sneak peek on the new Angry Birds game coming soon, Angry Birds Epic. This game is already out in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Gameplay/Rules Following descriptions are from the game itself. Awesome Weapons “Craft amazing battle-winning weapons like a wooden sword, frying pan, or sticky thing with a sponge on top!” Awesome […]

Unofficial Angry Birds Movie Trailer

Roosterteeth, a YouTuber, uploaded an Angry Birds movie trailer in 2011, but what’s funny now is that there is actually an Angry Birds movie coming out in 2016 and that may be the actual movie trailer, I recently made a post on the Angry Birds movie coming out here. But we’re not sure if it’s […]