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Some Foods You Never Thought Could Be Made in Angry Birds Version

Here’s a gallery of some bizarre foods in Angry Birds version. Who knew how creative people can get!



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Fan Art of the Day

Here’s our fan art of the day!

It was found at http://examiner.com We don’t know too much about it but it really brings the love of Angry Birds back! It looks like it was made by putting lots of Red Birds together in different patterns. Good job, whoever made this!

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Awesome Fan-made Angry Birds Pokemon Trailer

Somebody released a trailer for Angry Birds Pokemon a few days ago. It looked so real that people thought it would be real. Even Rovio had to admit it looked pretty epic and it might be something they make in the future. This video was made by someone named Adrian Jensen and it features all the epic Pokemon stuck inside Angry Birds.

Pretty cool, right? If Rovio were to make this real, one key factor they need is Pikachu! Which would be Chuck (Yellow Bird)! Of course though they would need Pokemon’s permission to make it.

We will keep you posted if we hear anything about it being made!

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A Glimpse at Angry Birds Epic

Here’s a sneak peek on the new Angry Birds game coming soon, Angry Birds Epic. This game is already out in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


Following descriptions are from the game itself.

Awesome Weapons

“Craft amazing battle-winning weapons like a wooden sword, frying pan, or sticky thing with a sponge on top!”

Awesome Upgrades

“Level up your characters, armor, weapons and potions to become a legendary hero ready to take on the mightiest pig warrior!”

Awesome Battles

“Turn-based battles between our heroic flock of warriors and and those green snout-nosed scoundrels! It’s easy to play, but difficult to master!”

Awesome Worlds

So many worlds, probably over 100, everything from deep down in caves to high up in the rocky mountains!


There are currently 2 known character classes. These include

  • Knight- Red Bird
  • Mage- Yellow Bird
  • Rest are not confirmed…


Images are from http://angrybirdsnest.com

Angry Birds Epic Main Teaser Image

It’s coming and it’s epic!

Angry Birds Epic Weapons Upgrades and Battles

Epic Stuff!

Angry Birds Epic World Overview

Piggy Island

Angry Birds Epic Characters Knight and Mage Screenshot v2

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Unofficial Angry Birds Movie Trailer

Roosterteeth, a YouTuber, uploaded an Angry Birds movie trailer in 2011, but what’s funny now is that there is actually an Angry Birds movie coming out in 2016 and that may be the actual movie trailer, I recently made a post on the Angry Birds movie coming out here. But we’re not sure if it’s official or not yet. Here’s the trailer. It’s super funny.

This is most likely the new movie,  but we’ll see!

We’ll keep you posted on what happens with the movie!


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Thinking of Angry Birds in a Whole New Way

Sqwauk: This isn’t suppose to include real facts, so don’t get mad at fanon! Some of these facts are made up. These tips are for pigs, not people.

What do you think of Angry Birds as? Just slinging birds at pigs? Well, there’s a new way to think of it! It teaches you lots of life lessons, I will name a few.

  1. It teaches you how not to steal eggs, so you don’t get yourself killed whilr you try it.
  2. If your a foolish piggy, it teaches you how angry the birds can get, like Bomb. He blows up about 12 times a day.
  3. If your a bird, you learn the piggies secrets to stealing eggs.
  4. You learn how to use a slingshot, your in trouble if you don’t know that.

So if your a pig or bird in need of help, try Angry Birds, install it to your habitat for just $2,999!

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Best of Angry Birds Fanon Wiki

Here’s the top 10 most epic birds and pigs from Angry Birds Fanon Wiki that i found.

10. Grenade Pig


9. Crazy Pig (Like Crazy Dave)

Crazy pig

8. Brick Red Bird

Brick Red Bird

7. Lime Bird

Lime Bird!

6. Secret Bird


5. Black Bomber Egg Beater


4. Sakura Bird

Sakura Bird Recolored

3. Chocolate Bird

Choco Bird

2. Space Pigs

Space Pigs

1. Mighty Cotton Candy Monster